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Jonathan Goldberg is Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor at Emory University. He previously taught at The Johns Hopkins University where he was Sir William Osler Professor of English Literature; he was a colleague of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick when he taught at Duke University. Inspiring teachers at Columbia, where he received his A.B. magna (1964), his M.A. (1965) and Ph.D. (1968), led him to English Renaissance literature, the focus of many of the ten books he has published. The work of Eve Sedgwick, to whom he dedicated Sodometries (1992), shifted his attention to embrace questions of sexuality; it was Sedgwick who gave him permission to write Willa Cather and Others (2001). His most recent book is The Seeds of Things (2009) which he believes echoes some of the concerns found in Sedgwick’s most recent writing.

Michael Moon was Eve Sedgwick’s colleague at Duke where they co-taught early courses in Queer Theory and collaborated on talks and articles about such figures as Divine and John Waters and Walt Whitman and his mother Louisa. They continued to enjoy less formal collaborations of many kinds during the years they taught at different universities. Moon has recently finished work on a book entitled Darger’s Resources on the so-called outsider artist Henry Darger. His previous books include Disseminating Whitman and A Small Boy and Others. He edited the second edition of the Norton Critical Edition of Leaves of Grass.

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  1. illith Rosenblum permalink

    I missed you all — was at CUNY @ 10am Friday & found out the building was closed and didn’t think of checking the web site again. Hope you had a good exchange and sorry to have missed it.
    Many blessings

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